Saturday, 27 October 2007


This year is extremely bad for wasps in particular . The worst thing people do when they have an unwanted wasp nest , is blocking up the holes where wasps go in and out . The problem then escalates and then wasps then make more holes and become very aggressive! Do not use expanding foam either - this just makes the problem worse and can mean it costs more to put right . A lot of the pest control products on the market are of little use , unless used correctly at exactly the right point . In our experience you either leave the nests alone or you call in a firm like Allpest
(Tel 0208 6886090) or Waspkill to solve the problem . Both these firms deal with their local South London / Croydon areas. If you leave a wasps nest alone, then soon as the frost comes ,the worker wasps die off , and the Queen wasp then hibernates . The nest then starts to be used again at the beginning of the following season , once the frosts have passed . If the nest is treated by a firm like Waspkill , they guarantee that the same wasp nest will never be reused in the future. However nobody can prevent future unrelated wasp nests appearing elsewhere. Contact the above pest control companies for a Reliable and cost effective service. Environmental health is very important .